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Award-winning saxophone player Aaron Bing, whose memorable performances sharing the stage with The Temptations, Tyrese, Gladys Knight, Jeffery Osborn and Brian McKnight inspires a new generation of jazz fans, was born in Miami, Florida of Dominican/African American descent.

Although he never met his biological father and his mother left when he was 12 year old, Bing took refuge in music as his life path and ultimate salvation. Always keeping a positive outlook, he was adopted by a loving family. Bing, a self-taught music virtuoso who by the time he graduated high school had produced an entire album, credits Grover Washington, Jr., David Sanborn and Walter Afanasieff as his main inspirations. "Music was something that came natural for me. It was what I enjoyed and loved so much. I learned how to play other instruments all through High school and even started arranging parts for the Marching Band. I studied everyone, Kenny G, Najee, Gerald Albright, as much jazz as I could find. Through it all I kept writing. I wrote my first song in the 10th grade”

Aaron started learning how to play music in the 7th grade on his aunt's clarinet that she used in high school. This was an old, broken wooden clarinet. However, he still managed to learn to play his first song on the first day of beginning band. Since Aaron's grandmother didn't have the means to fix the clarinet he ended up using the schools' Bass Clarinet. There was a classmate who sat behind him in his beginning band class who played the baritone horn. He liked the way it sounded so in the 8th grade he went from playing the bass clarinet to the baritone horn, then the french horn. His 8th grade band teacher stayed after school with him for an hour, twice a week because he saw great potential in young Aaron. He gave him private lessons on the french horn. 

Aaron heard kenny g for the first time in the 9th grade. He liked the sound and was inspired to play the saxophone. Since then, he went on to learn 21 different instruments with the soprano saxophone now being his main instrument. Years later his music career would cross paths with Kenny G again when his album "Legacy" and Kenny G's album made the 56th Grammy® ballot together.  He has produced six albums to date: Always, Christmas Dream, Secret Place, Rebirth (54th Grammy ballot), Legacy (55th Grammy ballot) and the newly released Otra Parte Dé Mí which is a favorite contender in the Latin Jazz category for the 56th Latin Grammy® Awards.

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