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When Aaron Bing plays, most people sit back and take notice. Bing wants his listeners to hear the best music possible, not categorize his musical style. His music is unlike any on the current Jazz scene. It combines several genres and creates a bran-new sound.

If you listen closely to his debut LP, one might say, you'll find R&B drum tracks as well as classical strings. "My music is multi-faced," he says. "It's a mixture of Jazz, R&B and classical. I wrote from my emotions and feelings. I went with what was true from my heart. I wrote and produced all of the songs on my album. My music represents who I am. When someone listens to my music they hear character... it reflects my personality."

What sets me apart from other Jazz artists is that I am just being myself. I'm not trying to follow a certain style. I have my own individuality, and I'm just being sincere in my craft."

Bing's music deeply intertwines with the emotion of love, joy, happiness and sorrow. However, there is a passionate and romantic feeling through his songs. "Feelings, emotions and what I feel in terms of the ups and downs of relationships or any other experiences I might go thru in life figure into my songs. When a song comes into my head, I pick-up my saxophone and play the melody. After that, I go over to the piano and start structuring a song."

Aaron Bing is an instrumentalist whose music will skyrocket in the industry. He is not afraid to belt out his scales and riffs with precise timing. We are sure that his super talent and abundance of self-confidence will keep him on the scene for a long time to come.

"Aaron Bing has showed himself to be one of the best around."


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